Eat, Drink, and be Scary!
Halloween Costume Contest

Saturday, October 30

Registration starts at 5PM – 6:30PM. Judging will begin at 7PM. 12 Scary Winners Total! Most Creative, Funniest, Spookiest, Favorite Duo or Group 1st Place: $1,200 2nd Place: $750 3rd Place: $500

Costume Requirements:

  • No offensive, revealing, or excessively tight costumes. Costume design may not contain material which is (or promotes activities which are) sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent (e.g. relating to murder, the sale of weapons, cruelty, abuse, etc), offensive, profane, harassing, defamatory, libelous, infringing, or otherwise objectionable or unlawful as determined by Marketing Management at its sole discretion.
  • No full or partial nudity. Costumes may not be excessively revealing in nature or be constructed of “see through” type material around any explicit areas of the individual. Contestant violation of this rule will result in instant disqualification; unless contestant modifies his/her costume to satisfactorily adhere to this rule, at the sole discretion of Marketing Management.
  • Masks/Wigs: Contestant may wear a costume mask and/or remove his/her PPE facemask only while presenting his/her costume during the judging process. At all other times, the contestants must wear the PPE facemasks required for admission to the casino. Wigs are permitted as long as the individual is recognizable.
  • Face Make-Up: Participants may not use face make-up and/or facial prosthetics that render the individual unrecognizable. Facial prosthetics that significantly change and/or disguise facial appearance must be removable and may only be worn during the judging process.
  • Costume Size: Costumes must be able to move through the doors and casino walkways without obstructing or causing hazards for other casino guests. Oversized costumes may be entered into the contest if they can and are assembled immediately prior to judging and disassembled immediately after the contest winners are announced. Any contestants with costumes not prepared prior to judging may be disqualified. Management reserves the right to determine if and when a costume presents a hazard to other guests.
  • Prop/Accessory Restrictions: All props and/or accessories that will accompany a contestant during presentation must be checked in and approved by Marketing Management at time of registration. Oversized prop/accessory items may be no more than 32 inches wide by 6 feet tall and be feasibly moved through the entrance/exit doorways and navigate the interior of the facility. Any contestant with an oversized costume/accessory must have additional individual(s) present to provide any assistance required to transport and assemble/disassemble these item(s). Such assistance will not be provided by Desert Diamond Casino staff. All weapons (either simulated or real) are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to bladed items, bludgeoning items, and firearms.
  • Marketing Management reserves the right to refuse the entry of any costume or prop/accessory.

A copy of official rules is available at the Rewards Center.

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